The Two Best Natural Liquids to Drink

The Two Best Natural Liquids to Drink

The Two Best Natural Liquids to DrinkWater and coconut water are two pure natural drinks we have and the best to drink if not contaminated.

Water being the necessity and coconut water perhaps the healthiest of anything available, it’s so pure it can be injected into are blood stream. Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk.

Coconut water is the liquid part of the endosperm (kernel) of the coconut fruit. When coconuts are immature, the endosperm is semisolid and jelly-like.

As the coconut matures, the endosperm becomes more solid and fibrous, developing into the firmer coconut meat with which you are familiar. Also as the coconut matures, the water inside is replaced by more coconut “meat” and air, so it’s best to harvest the water when the coconut is young.

It turns out that BOTH the “meat” and the liquids of coconuts are nutritional powerhouses!

Nature has given us two liquids to drink: WATER and coconut water. Both are superb for the human body when not contaminated from outside sources. When it comes to liquids to drink, clean filtered water, pure coconut water, and herb teas.

It’s best not to drink any liquids with your meals for it dilutes your digestive fluids. If you must, use a little water with fresh lemon or lime juice.


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