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Hello! This is Enoch. And I’m here to share with you one of the ways that I believe has helped me to be happy and healthy at any age.

Breakfast. Okay, what we’re going to do is we’re going to basically have a breakfast mainly with seeds, where all the life-giving force is at. I’ve got a Magic Bullet here. And I’ve got my teapot. I’m going to switch that on right now.

Sea salt, it’s Himalayan sea salt. As far as I’m concerned, it is one of the best. We’re going to take a tablespoon. And we’re going to start with our flaxseed. And flaxseed is a fantastic seed. It has so much benefit. The first thing I do with flaxseed—because it’s the hardest one for the body to break down—is I put it in by itself in the Magic Bullet. And I’m going to spin it around for a few seconds and chop those babies up because if you don’t do it by itself, I found out that if you have them with the other seeds, most of them don’t get ground up.

So we’re going to put our flaxseed over there. We’ve got those in already. And depending on your appetite, for me, I like a hearty breakfast. So I’m going to put mainly 2 tablespoons of almost everything. This is organic pumpkin seeds. And those were organic flaxseeds. Pumpkin seeds have so many vital minerals for you, unbelievable! Antioxidants. Of course, you know your flaxseeds have some of the highest antioxidants there are.

We’ve got our chia seeds. I think by now everybody knows about chia seeds, how valuable they are for nourishment, antioxidant, and just all kinds of good vitamins and minerals in that. We’re going to grab our quoin. Quion, it’s a grain. It’s a very good grain. I’m only going to put 1 tablespoon of that in for my breakfast. I use quoin a lot for my lunches and dinners. It’s a fantastic product. Fantastic.

Okay, cinnamon powder, organic. You want to get the best cinnamon you can. I put a nice teaspoon. If you’ve not used it every day, I would suggest to start out with about a half a teaspoon. It’s great for balancing your sugar. I’ll tell you, if you’ve got sugar diabetes, you want to incorporate this in your diet. If you don’t have it, this will keep you—if you eat within reason—from getting sugar diabetes. It’s fantastic. It really is one of the most valuable spices you can use, along with turmeric.

Here we have organic sunflower seeds. I’m going to put these in here. And I like 2 tablespoons of this. But today I’m only going to put one. And sesame seeds, again another fantastic nourishing seed, about a tablespoon there.

And now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take and put together the Magic Bullet and grind it up. I actually forgot to take the coconut milk out of the refrigerator. I kind of twist it around a little bit so it really gets those seeds ground up good.

Okay, now, if you notice I haven’t dumped any of these in yet. The reason why? This is hemp seed. Fantastic protein, fantastic, just a superb seed. Hempseed is fantastic. And they’re all ground up real nice. And actually I normally will put my water in first. I got talking here and I forgot my ritual.

Okay, the water is almost boiling. As soon as we have that in a boiling state, we’re going to put it in this dish here, this bowl. And right after that, we’re going to dump these in first. And we’re going to take this fork and we’re going to mash it up so it all gets mixed in good with the water. Okay, we’ve got our boiling water. I’m going to put about maybe 6 ounces. I really never measure anything. I never use recipes. I do everything just at the spur of the moment,  providing I have stuff available. And everything seems to come out pretty good.

Okay, we’re going to dump this in here, tap that a little bit and get all the goodies out. And we’re going to take and just mash that in for a few seconds. It doesn’t take much. Okay, we finished mashing the seeds. They’re all ground up. Now we’re ready to add our great organic maple syrup.

And this is fantastic. I get it up from up in Michigan in yellow bottles. And I pour it into this glass container. I like to keep everything, cook everything, store everything in glass. It’s much healthier. You have no contaminants coming. And we’re going to put two nice heaping spoons of organic maple syrup. All right, so we’ve got 2 tablespoons of this fantastic maple syrup.

By the way, I had gotten this from Trader Joe’s. It’s a good maple syrup. And it’s organic. But it’s refilled several times by the maple syrup that I get from Michigan, which is even better.

All right, we’ve got that in there. We mixed it up good. And now we’re going to take and add some fresh walnuts. I take about close to a handful. And I’ll take and put them in there. Walnuts are so great for you, especially in the morning. I’ll tell you, the calcium, just all of the nutrients in there are fantastic. I bust them up a little bit so they’re just the right size for when you’re eating them here in a few moments.

So we’re going to take and we’re going to put the coconut milk in here. And this is the one that doesn’t have any sugar. I try to eliminate any sugar. Now, you may wonder why I’m saying that after just putting 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Maple syrup in itself is a completely different category. It’s nothing but healthy. And even if you have sugar diabetes, you can use organic maple syrup.

So we’re just going to put a little bit in there. We don’t need much. And makes it up. And it’s ready to go. And it will give me energy and take me throughout the day if I have to. But, I tell you, it’s endless energy I get from this.

All right. I hope you enjoyed watching how I make my normal breakfast. Now, I do vary from this once in a while. A lot of times, I will go ahead and I’ll make a breakfast with quite a few vegetables. And I’ll just lightly either sauté them or steam them. And I’ll have three pastured eggs, organic pastured—not pasteurized, but pasture eggs—chickens that have been allowed to run free in the field and do their normal the way they were designed by our Creator to live. And we have healthy eggs.

Okay, again, I want to thank you for your time. And I hope that you gain something from this and that if you decide to change your way of diet in the morning, this is a fantastic way to enable yourself to live happy and healthy at any age. Have a great day. And blessings upon you.




10 thoughts on “Breakfast with Enoch

  1. Thank you Enoch for the wonderful breakfast smoothie recipe. It tastes absolutely amazing.
    I do have one question…do the seeds need to be soaked and sprouted. I hear so much controversy about phytic acid . What are your thoughts on this? Thank you so much for your time. God Bless You

  2. I’ve never heard of quoin until I saw it in your seed smoothie recipe. Will you tell me what quoin is and where it can be purchased?

    Thank you,

  3. July 21, 2018
    I have watched everything that I could find on your journey. Before finding this comment section I went to your Facebook page and left a comment. One question I did have, is the combination diet that you mention, did you use this while healing your self and how long did it take you to heal your self? Was there anything in your diet for protein?
    In one of your videos you mention grass fed beef and organic chicken and pasture eggs, all of which I do. In the last month I have eliminated them and am concentrating on mostly green plants and salads.
    Were the beef, chicken and eggs in your diet when you were healing or did you incorporate them in after your healing? Sorry for all the questions, just looking for something that will work for me.
    I have a pretty clean diet. I am going to do the master cleanse and the kickem juice next.
    I tried the Ketogenic diet for cancer after reading Fred Hatfields testimony. I have tried many different diets for my cancer with no avail. I had a clean diet when I came down with the lymphoma, my naturopathic doctor was shocked when I told her. Anything that you can tell me that would benefit me in any way I would appreciate. You can also PM me on FB. Blessings, Irene 😊

  4. Thank you Enoch for sharing your delicious breakfast smoothie recipe. I enjoyed it to the fullest and it truly is the best breakfast for me. I am so grateful and blessed to know you, though not in person, it is still good.

    With deep gratitude and many blessings.

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