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Mixing the right food groups to eat helps you get the most from your meals while using the less energy at the same time. Food combining is eating foods in the same food groups, such as eating your Proteins apart from Carbohydrates. When eating Carbohydrates you can eat any vegetable, starchy or non-starchy, as well as irritants. When adding irritants they should be used sparingly. However when eating meals with protein, any of your non- starchy vegetables digest great together, but not your starchy vegetables. 2015-10-14 13-40-42

(Irritants = Radishes, Onions, Shallots, Scallions, Garlic, Leeks) Please checkout the Food combining chart. Most everyone will benefit from Food Combination eating.

When eating proteins your digestive fluids need to be acidic to properly digest your food and get the nutrients. However when consuming Carbohydrates the digestive fluids need to be alkaline, so when mixing Proteins with Carbohydrates neither foods get properly digested, which causes one to become bloated, and get gas and overtime, can lead to disease. It also puts a greater demand on all parts of your body. So you end up using more energy, and receiving less from your food. So you get very little nourishment, which leaves you weak and tired most of the time. When it come to fruits (your berries are the best for you) always eat your fruit before anything else in your meal, starting with the acid fruit first then your semi- acid, and then your sweet fruit. If you eat your fruit after your main dish it will not digest, but it will putrefy. When eating melons never mix with anything else. There is an exception to eating your fruits with greens, such as spinach, chard, kale your green leafy vegetables.

Paul Nison’s book, Health according to the Scriptures is a great book to read and have your personal library. After reading Paul’s book, I tried it out and got great results. By changing to food combination diet, it removed gas I normally got when ever eating.


I don’t believe in separating the juice from the pulp, gives an in balance to much sugar and no fiber. You lose certain vitamins and minerals. If you want to blend your fruits and vegetables Just mix the whole fruit or veggies.

Here’s an example of a food chart you can put together to help organize your eating schedule. 2015-10-14 14-12-23

If your having trouble understanding this, let me show you what I’am talking about.

As we look at the picture to the left, we have are proteins, with non starchy vegetables, great mix.

In the middle we have are fruits, always eat your acid fruits first, and when eating from your melon family do not mix with other fruits. And important never eat your fruits after a meal, always before.

Then on the right is are carbohydrates with any vegetables, I like mixing a multitude of veggies with brown rice, or lentils, or quinoa.

Food Comination


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  1. I am with a co. That sells fruits and Vegetables,and Grains in capsules and soft chewables for children who can not swallow the capsules. We also have berrys in a capsule form called VINEYARD BLEND, 16 of them in a capsule form and one more called COMPLETE that has 15 meals in each packet and all in natural form as we do not carry vitiamins as they are only a fraction of the whole. I am with Ty with the hero program QUEST FOR THE CURE OF CANCER. I am interested in your book FOOD COMBANATION DIET. SINCERELY BILL

  2. Hi Enoch,

    I am interested in hearing more about your experience of using Kickem juice to heal your skin cancer. I have a website that shares alternative healing testimonials so that people who are searching can see what other people have done in order to heal. Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing your story with my readers.

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  3. Hi Enoch,
    I’ve been watching your Kick’um Juice video. Could you tell me how much ginger you use in the pot at the very beginning and also how much black pepper later on, please? I can see how much of the other stuff you seem to be putting in. I’m guessing precise amounts don’t matter too much, but an idea would be good.

    Many thanks.

    • Ginger 3/4 pound, 4 Habanero, 4 Jalapeno, 4 Serrano, 4 Tabasco.
      Watch video again.

      After cooking, tune off heat add add one tablespoon freshly ground black peppercorns, 1/4th pound of raw cut up ginger, 1/8th pound of cut up turmeric,
      let it set till it’s cool and directions in video

  4. Hello Enoch,
    Find the Kickem juice very interesting, i am fighting bladder cancer. Do you have any other advice, tips, anything you think would help ?


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