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Hello. My name is Enoch. I want to share with you how you can be young and healthy at any age. One of the first things is through exercise. And I want to share with you how I do my exercises.

Every morning I come out and take my supplements down with about 16 ounces of water just before I go into my exercise regimen. The first thing we’re going to start off with is the shoulder roll. I like to do 40 in each arm. And I’ll do 40 forward. And then I’ll do 40 backwards. And after that, I go into my toe raises/arm lifting.

Then we’ll go after that, you’ll go on your toes. And every muscle in your body, you’re going to tense. And you make your face look kind of like a fish, in a way. You suck in all the air. And you hold that out there. You do that from 10 to 15 seconds.

And after that, what we’re going to do is putting our hands on the front of our knees. And we’re bent over partially. And every muscle in our body, we’re holding taught. And we’re going to do that for 10 to 15 seconds. And then you’re going to release. And you’re going to go back as I did. Put your hands up and stretch yourself. Do it slowly. You don’t have to go real fast.

And then right into that, you’re going to put your hands on the back of your thighs. And you’re going to pull up, resist every muscle in your body as tight as you can. And I kind of kid around if I’m sharing this with someone. I’ll say try to be about 2 inches from the level of the floor, a little higher. And you do that for about another 10 or 15 seconds.

And from that there, I’m going to go into doing my kung fu exercises. And when we go like that there, it’s basically you’re going like this. And you want to hold your shoulders perpendicular and parallel, perpendicular to your body, and your shoulders parallel to the ground. And you don’t want to be going like this here. You want to hold them like this and go like this here. This here first, 100.

And then I’ll go right into the guard and do 100 of those there. And I’ll tell you, they’re great for the shoulder. They’re great for the upper chest. It’s just great for your core, as well. And then I’m going to go into doing my crunches. After we do as many of these crunches that are comfortable for you…But I want to encourage you, after you’ve done them for a couple of weeks, begin to stretch yourself. And after I do my crunches—I do 100 of those—then I go to my leg raises. And I vary on these here.

I’ll do sometimes maybe a set of 10. And I’m doing both at the same time. There’s going to be 10 with the left and then 10 with the right. And then I’m going to turn on my side. And I’m going to lift my legs, first on the left side or right side. It doesn’t really matter, whatever is best for you. And then the other side, do 10 or 20 or 30. Again, it’s where you’re at. Some days I’ve got a little more energy than others. I want to push myself a little more. Other days, I just want to do my regular routine.

So now we’re going to switch over and do our push-ups. And I like to do at least 100. Some days I only do 50, which is very seldom. And some days I just want to see if I can really push myself.

My last exercise I’m going to do on the ground here. Just come out of your push-up position. And you’re going to take and lift up first the left leg. Now, with the left leg, you’re going to have the left leg out. And you’re going to have your right arm out, which you’ll see in a minute. And then you’re going to alternate. After 10 or 15 seconds that way, you’re going to switch and put your right leg out and your left arm out to balance you.

So the next thing I do is I come in here and I do 25 to 45 chin-ups for the upper body, three sets of them. Here you see I’m doing my stretches for my back, my legs, especially the back of the legs. And from that, I go into my jumping jacks. And there’s a couple of different kinds. You can do the scissor. Or you can do the forward and backwards. And you get a lot from these exercises. It’s unbelievable how much they help your health, your lungs, and everything.

Now, we’re going to finish up with a few dumbbell exercises. Today we’re going to do our 20 reps, which you know. I’m doing my 20 curls, and then 20 kickbacks. And when you kick those back, you want to pause a fraction of a second and hold your arm out there stiff. And then when you’re going to do your flies, bent over like this here, they’re just fantastic. And then I go into my overhead presses. And today we just did 20 of each.

Another very enjoyable exercise is biking. I love to go biking. It’s great for your lungs. It’s great for your balance all over. Another exercise I really enjoy is walking, hiking, jogging. I can do it around my lake here where I live. What a blessing to be here. I do it up in the mountains, wherever you want to go.

Thank you for your time today. I hope you were able to take away some things that will enable you to live a happy and healthy life at any age. Blessings upon you and your family. Thank you again for your time.


One thought on “Enoch’s Exercise Regimen

  1. Just saw you on THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER. What great workout. I just sent Dr. Z.’s email to my niece who just started her quest for natural things with doterra, and you are in his email. I am presently treating my own cancer, and would like to thank you for encouraging me along the path God has chosen for me in treating this.

    As Joseph told his brothers that God had meant this to save many people, so I am claiming that for myself.

    May God richly bless you,

    Bobbie Askew
    Retired Christian school teacher

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