The Health Benefits of Fasting

The Health Benefits of Fasting

The Health Benefits of FastingThe body is designed in such a way that when our body is attacked in any way we tend to lose our appetite and feel nausea.

The purpose of the nausea is to force us to fast from eating, allowing the body to begin the healing process.

The healing process normally takes four hours or more for it to start. At this time it begins to remove any inflammation or other hindrance that we may have.

After it does its job, our appetite normally returns. Fasting one day a week would be great for all of us.

Extended Fasting

If one is suffering from a disease of some kind, I like to suggest the Master Cleanse. The master cleanse is a simple but powerful cleanse.

Its author (STANLY BURROUGHS) printed a book called the master cleanse; I would encourage all to get one and read.

The master cleanse is very inexpensive and has given me great results and the many people I’ve suggested it to as well.


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